About TETP (pronounced: “T” – “tip”)

TransEd-TransPin (TETP*) is a concept, a gathering, and a movement.

TransEd-TransPin is a Concept for Nation and One-People Building. It aims at transforming education, then with transformed education, transform Filipinos, Philippine Society and the Country. In this context, the minimum focus of “education” and the role of “educators” are considered beyond their formal definitions and traditional understanding. Methods and media used are also modified – to be more learner-centered and creative – thereby the better and the sooner touch and transform the target learners.

TransEd-TransPin is a Gathering of all education-driven causes and advocacies for Nation and One-People Building. It is a rallying point that beckons and supports the widest range of approaches – from simple projects for immediate, short-run modification of traits to sophisticated long-term, system-wide developmental programs. TETP is a dynamic congress of people and groups, each with their varied focuses of change; yet all one, in the transformation of the Philippines by transforming education. Thus, diversity is an enriching tapestry of wisdom, unity in purpose is a logical conclusion, and the success of one, is, the success of all.

TransEd-TransPin is a Movement. It beckons and stirs all her advocates to embrace and champion the values of HONESTY, PATRIOTISM, and COMPETENCE as the unequivocal core of true Filipinos and in that bind them as a People and a Nation. The equivalent of the arithmetic “least common denominator,” these most core of values captures the most fundamental qualities in a people necessary for Nation Building. Accordingly, these three values – the core PIE values: Patriotism, Integrity (Honesty) and Excellence (Competence) – need to be commonly cultivated by all TETP proponent groups’ advocacies as it is sincerely lived-out in their individual members’ lifestyles and ways.

The TETP Movement is a united front in harnessing the critical importance of education, its transforming reach, and the especially historic moment of the Filipino youth in the still unfolding story of the Philippines. Still, though TETP is an evolving work in process in the on-going saga of Nation Building, it is resolutely driven to nurture these most core of values – HONESTY, PATRIOTISM, and COMPETENCE – in all Filipinos to seed and hasten the blossoming of the Filipino People, and the blessings of a beloved Philippines.

* “TETP” is pronounced as “T” – “tip”

* * * * * * * *

Certificate of Incorporation

Certificate of Incorporation

“To build one Philippine nation and one Filipino people – just, free, peaceful and prosperous – primarily by transforming education to transform the Philippines. Accordingly it undertakes any and all lawful, explicit, implicit, incidental and or attendant activities, functions, prerogatives and rights to promote, advance and cause this purpose such as school systems, workshops, books, publications, sponsorships, digital and traditional media presentations and productions, scripts, screenplays, pamphlets and other educational, communication, internet, and like modes, methods, and systems. For these it reaches out to and confederates with all Filipinos from all sectors of Philippine society – individuals and corporate – who are committed to the same cause, but at its sole discretion, manner, method and season. In all these TETP explicitly adopts a non-partisan and non-adversarial nature.

* * * * * * * *

TETP calls and welcomes all committed to Nation and One-People Building through Transformed Education to Transform Pinas (the Philippines) to come aboard! Even if it just involves a personal resolve to live by the three TETP core values of HONESTY, COMPETENCE and PATRIOTISM – the core PIE values: Patriotism, Integrity (Honesty) and Excellence (Competence) – and to touch all within their spheres of influence to do the same.

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